K is for...

K is for...K is another one with not many options. I didn’t really want to write about maternity keeping in touch days as I will cover that under ‘M’ so instead in my next HR A-Z I’m doing ‘Keep Calm and Call HR’.


Imagine this scenario. Your car is making a funny noise so you take a look at it. You google ‘my car is making a funny noise’, maybe watch a YouTube video and narrow it down to one of two things. You then take yourself off to Halfords to get some parts.  


You fiddle about and amazingly the funny noise goes away. Funny noise fixed!!


Until the next day you are driving along the motorway and you breakdown. 


The moral of the story is go to an expert in the first instance.


HR in a small business can be the same. You can try and work out what the issue is yourself, watch a YouTube video, download a template or google something online but you can still end up in trouble.


Ultimately it probably isn’t something you should do yourself and not doing it can leave you in hot water.


For smart business owners, getting advice from a qualified HR person isn’t an unnecessary cost, but an investment in your business.


So next time something isn’t quite right, keep calm and call HR.


Book in today for a free 20 minute discussion on everything from preventative maintenance to performance tuning.

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