Q is for...

Q is for...I’m going to cheat a little bit and go with Learning and Development quick wins. 


Training budgets are usually the first to go but here are some top tips if you want to make an impact with L&D quickly (without breaking the bank): 


1) Give everyone a small learning allowance to spend on books, conferences, memberships or any learning of their choice. It doesn’t even need to be linked to their role – it is just to encourage people to learn and develop their skills.


2) Pull together a learning hub with resources that can help people develop themselves. This could be as simple as creating a google site and including articles, videos, eLearning or a list of suggested books 


3) Offer project work or shadowing opportunities to people as part of their development


4) Run some lunch and learn sessions where people can share their expertise to talk about something they are passionate about


5) Trust your managers by giving them the autonomy to spend on learning for their team – trust them to make the right decisions within their budget!


6) Encourage managers to have a slot at their team meetings to talk about any interesting articles or books they have read that week.


7) Whenever someone attends a training event or a conference, run a CPD session for the rest of the team.


8) Introduce an informal mentoring scheme where people can be mentored by someone in a different part of the business.


9) Ask managers to have career conversations with their team members at least quarterly


10) Encourage your team to own their own development so that they don’t expect it to be drip fed from you.

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