In addition to HR Support, we can also provide:

HR Audits

As an employer, do you need to be legally compliant?

Do you want to retain your employees and ensure your customers have consistent service provision?
Have you had an HR related problem or issue and want to try to make sure it doesn't happen again?
Getting it wrong can be expensive, not only in monetary ter ms but in time spent away from running your business.

My HR audit will examine and evaluate your current working practices and identify any areas of concern.  We can then assess the risk together and look at what we can do to ensure that you are legally compliant and viewed by your team as a ‘good and fair employer’.

Training your Team

Whatever your staff development needs, I can help you find the best solution.  It could be a training course tailored to your needs, facilitating an event, 121 coaching or a team building exercise. 
Popular courses include:

  • Managing staff for the first time
  • Carrying out an investigation
  • Having a difficult conversation
  • Appraisals / performance management
  • Sickness absence  
  • Disciplinary and Grievance
  • Recruitment and Selection

Contact me today so we can talk through what development is needed and what I can do to help.

Workplace Mediation

If you manage staff, it's inevitable that at some point you will have experienced some conflict within your team.

When this happens, it’s quite tricky for an employer to decide who’s right and who’s wrong. 
A break down in working relationships may be due to a personality clash, cultural differences or poor communications. 

Doing nothing and hoping they sort it out might work in some cases but it is still likely to have an impact on productivity, absence and engagement. It also has the potential to draw in other members of the team as well.

Whilst you may want to bang heads together, it's absolutely crucial that we ‘nip it in the bud’ before things escalate.

In many scenarios, I may be able to resolve the issue early by facilitating a meeting between the staff which may only take an hour.  However, for more deep rooted conflict, formal mediation has a very high success rate and is certainly significantly cheaper than a tribunal case for all parties.

To put it simply, mediation is a useful method of either rebuilding relationships or finding an alternative route forward.

Get in touch below so we can arrange a no obligation, free consultation and I’ll be very honest about whether this is the correct route for your business/staff.

My PeoplePillar HR System

Easy to use HR software designed for SMEs

HR systems that are paper based and unmanageable are officially a thing of the past. 
My online HR software transforms the way you do HR admin by keeping all your employee information in one place and automating all those time consuming, boring HR administrative tasks. 
Partnered with BreatheHR my PeoplePillar HR system gives you the tools you need to support your business.  You can have customisable reports as well as automated ad streamlined processes. 
Don’t worry though, it’s quick to set up, simple to use and loved by MDs, FDs, HR Managers and employees alike!

And as if that wasn't enough... it's included as part of my monthly HR support packages.

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