Is this you?

  • “I need to take on our first employee and I have no idea where to start”
  • "Our policies are ancient, and I don’t know what needs updating”
  • "They are long winded and full of jargon” 
  • "I’m sure something changed in April 2020 but I’m not sure what"
  • "My managers don't follow them"
  • “They were downloaded from google and have been tweaked with over time. I don’t know what should be included anymore”

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then I can help.

No one likes to read long, boring HR documents (I certainly don’t). And if no one wants to read them, they won’t and that’s when things get missed and go wrong.

I have therefore pulled together a range of simple and stripped back HR documents to support your business whether you are employing your first employee or your 15th one.

All documents are downloadable and you can adapt them as you need to and you can take a pick n mix approach in the ones that you get.

One Year Money Back Guarantee

All of my documents come with a One Year Money Back Guarantee. 
If you’re not happy, with a document, I’ll give you a refund – with no questions asked. 
Just email me at and I’ll pay you back every penny.

HR Pick n Mix

Individual HR document pick n mix - perfect if you just need to replace or add to what you have already got.

HR Pick n Mix
From £895.00
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HR Toolkits

You can also buy a toolkit for a particular issue. Each toolkit includes a policy and/or guidance information PLUS all of the main template letters that you will need. 

You can get these as a stand alone Toolkit for £175 or you can bolt on an hour of HR Advice for £225.

HR Toolkits